Illigals Club

Illigals Club is the current reigning Paranoia Club of the Year of 2012. Recently known as Club Voyeur, it has transformed itself to its original brand “ILLIGALS CLUB”. 2012 had been a great transition and branding in reviving its identity as one of the hottest and rising star in Nightlife Entertainment.

The Club continues to maintain its standard in 2013, through concept innovation and ideas. Boldly, staging a concept called “Parallel”, a 6 consecutive shows in 6 weeks of international artiste (first to have done).

Illigals has played host to top international talent with the likes of Dash Berlin, Above and Beyond, Gareth Emery, Emma Hewitt, W&W, including MTV Pop Star Alexandra Stan.

Together with its host of international talents, the club also was boasted multi-talented residency DJs, such as LTN (Dash Berlin’s pick of breakout producer in DJ Mag 2013), the reigning 2012 Paranoia Resident DJ of the Year, DJ Miko and Junko’s RoniJoni, Six Pratama and Daydreamore’s Jacqueline to name a few. The prior award of Paranoia as Club Night of The Year of 2013 makes Club Voyeur keeps up.

Now, time was changing then a brand new faces of young and talented residency DJs such as Roni Joni /junko, rising young & talented Mahesa Utara /junko, Iman 1945MF and M1/43’s Resty listed as a new breed of Club Voyeur’s Sound, the last recruited Spinach Rec’s Chevy as a resident.

Located on level 1, Illigals Club is a hotspot not to be missed.

Meet Our DJs

  • Ronijoni Junko
  • Alex Morph
  • Anhken
  • Alexandre Popov
  • Emma Hewitt
  • Fabio XB
  • Gareth Emery
  • Jennifer Rene
  • Jerome Isma-Ae
  • Jochen Miller
  • Marlo
  • Max Graham